Posted by: colombocalling | January 17, 2009

message from Director and Playwright

It has been brought to our attention that people are curious for more information about our project and artistic approach.  So we decided to publish the program notes by both the director and the playwright below. These programs were distributed at both readings: Teatrul Foarte Mic and Museo Cafe.

Director’s Note
From the first reading of the play I’ve been struck by the great amount of passion hidden beneath the character’s smiles and polite dialogues: a passion, provoked by the search of identity. It both unites and divides the characters. “I’m a Tamil and I’m a Sri Lankan” or “I’m not British, I’m still Tamil” or “Would it have been different if I were brown?” or “How can I leave, my roots are here?” are lines that describe a universe where people love, hate, laugh and cry according only to their identity. This is what a cosmopolitan, raised in a top multicultural place like London, finds out when he returns to his home country torn by a latent civil war. With this, Karthi discovers that passion lies not only in his mathematics research but somewhere else, in a hidden place inside him, where his identity lies. – Alex Mihail

Playwright’s Note
Following in the tradition of ‘Caryl Churchill’s Mad Forest – a play from Romania’ (1990), ‘Colombo Calling – a play from Sri Lanka’ was inspired by stories I heard whilst I lived in Sri Lanka in 2006. The play explores such topics as civil war, diaspora, international relief work, racism, forbidden love and identity. However, for me this play is ultimately about a family, struggling to love one another and forgive one another across countries, cultures and generations. I dedicate this ‘spectacol – lectură’ to my own family in both the USA and Romania and to the memory of Henry Ciocca. – Cristina Bejan


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