Posted by: colombocalling | October 8, 2008

part two

Collombo was just the start of something beautiful (this reminds me of a great song i`ve been listening to lately, so here it is). A part of the old team is back again, rehearsing these days, preparing the next show, which is due to take place very soon. More precisely, on Friday, October 10th, same place as the last time, that is Museo Cafe, at 8.00 pm, a new performance.  Most Myself – “An Evening of Feminine Writing / Seara de Scriere Feminina.”  The ideea came of course, from the very “mother” of Collombo, Cristina. She had a text that she wanted to perform but after some talking with friends about it, guess what? She got hold of another 3 texts, all of them revolving around the same theme – feminism, feminists, female body, mind, soul. 2 texts in English, 2 texts in Romanian. So, Cristina said, let`s do something really cool about this. Of course, working with Alex (Mihail) had been a pleasure so he got happily involved in the new project. And also, another woman was needed, so here she goes again: Isabela Neamtu.

Cristina and Isabela will perform in English and Romanian.

The texts are written by Slavenka Drakulic, Maria Ellis, Maria Manolescu and Suzanne Richardson and they all are snapshots of feminine thinking, living and feeling. They are great.

Thank all the authors for having agreed upon performing the texts, we would like Slavenka Drakulic to know how much we love her text and also having her invited at the show.

Here is the flyer:



  1. great guys! so here we go again! as Jerry Seinfeld said, I think we might have something here!

  2. yap, I’ll be there, cause I am the greatest fan of all women! I love you Isabela!! Will you marry me? 😛

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