Posted by: colombocalling | October 8, 2008

I feel “Most Myself” when…

… I walk around the city in my snickers, a t-shirt and large pants, no bra, no make up… I feel most myself when I smoke in my bathtub, when I sleep naked, when I laugh with my friends on a Sunday afternoon in a cheap joint in Bucharest… I feel most myself when I can do things I’m really passionate about and I get appreciation for that, when people laugh at my jokes, when my friends need me, when I have brilliant ideas about totally unpractical things. i feel most myself when someone falls inlove with me and I really fall in love with him too, when I can find myself in someone else, when I meet people as oldfashioned as I am in sentimental mathers… i don’t know… nu stiu… voi cand va simtiti cel mai voi insiva/inseva?



  1. most myself e atunci cand ascult muzica tare la mine in casa (nu tipa niciun vecin), cand vad un extras de cont si imi dau seama ca am un cont al meu in banca altcuiva, cand pot sa dau o mana sau un pic de suflet intru ajutorul cuiva, cand scriu despre ce lucruri fac altii si le maresc capitalul de imagine, cand stau cu o carte in brate, cand mi se recunoaste libertatea, cand sun pe cineva la cateva zile dupa ce a trecut ziua lui/ei, cand imi este recunoscut dreptul la greseli si primesc iertare. Most Myself ar trebuie sa fie non-stop. De ce nu e?

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