Posted by: colombocalling | June 21, 2008

The point is that we’re just gettin’ started!

Colombo Calling was read again thanks to a whole bunch of lovely people who participated for free in making this project possible: the actors, the marketing crew, the host of Thursday night, Mr. Amarjit Sidhu from Museo Cafe who cooked for everybody there. Excellent food! Thank you Amarjit!

A very special thank to Ms Maia Morgenstern who supported the young crew of actors and felt at home among us all! Thank you Ms Morgenstern for your enthusiasm and charisma that you added to this project!

I haven’t insisted before in telling you that this was a no-budget play. And still is. No one involved in this project, a crew of about 20 people, gained any money. Everything was done for fun and for the art’s sake. This is a special category of theater in Romania that is called the no-budget theater. And we’re not the only ones, don’t you worry. The no-budget theater is a very interesting species that feeds itself only with enthusiasm but doesn’t live very long though. Because love and enthusiasm come for free, but are never enough.

But guess what? The people there were also enthusiastic to see something like that in Bucharest: a play about Sri Lanka, played in English by Romanian actors and written by an American playwrite. You see, there is a group of people in Bucharest that are no theater’s target group: the expats. I bet everyone of you reading this blog has one or two foreign friends. What do they do when everybody of the gang goes to the theater? They watch CNN at home I presume.

Well, we thought of an alternative. An English theater here in Bucharest. Budapest has one, Prague has one, Warsaw has one too. So that is why we’re just getting started. Bucharest needs an English theater, not only for the foreigners here, but for everyone who appreciates a good show and some deep feelings in any language!

We want to thank everyone who came, it was really a pleasure to have you there and talk to you all. The topics you started were very intriguing indeed, maybe next time we’ll chat even more.

Coming soon on this blog the movie of the play and of course photos, photos, photos!


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