Posted by: colombocalling | June 15, 2008

The Crew of Colombo Calling

PAVEL BARSAN is Karthi Tissainayagam, a Cambridge PhD in mathematics, who returns to Colombo after 22 years to handle some left family affairs. His clash with the Balakrishnans, his relatives from his mother’s side, is at least intriguing.

So let’s meet Pavel / Karthi:

GABRIEL CALINESCU is Shahan Balakrishnan, son of Varthini and a deeply troubled young man, officially working in an NGO, but secretly, a fighter in a guerrilla squad in Colombo. A dynamic character indeed…

Meet Gabriel / Shahan

ANCA CONSTANTIN is Thushanti Balakrishnan, sister of Shahan and daughter of Varthini, a young girl with a very intense social life, the soul of the parties in Colombo. But actually, a very disoriented woman, in search for her roots and true values.

Let’s meet Anca / Thushanti

ISABELA NEAMTU is Molly Brown, the New Zeelander girlfriend of Shahan. She tries to deal with all the unwritten rules of Tamils in Colombo, as she loves Shahan and she is very passionate about her work at the American medical NGO, where she met Shahan.

It is a delight to introduce you Isabela / Molly

GABRIEL PRICOP is Lasantha, Shahan’s best friend. He is a lawyer. He is the most relaxed character in the play.:)

Check out Gabriel / Lasantha

ANA POPESCU is Claudia, Lasantha’s girlfriend, from Germany. She could have stayed in the more civilized West. But she prefers Colombo. Interesting to find out why…

Lovely Ana / Claudia, ladies and gents:

ALEXANDRU MIKE GHEORGHIU is Dr. Igor. He is Russian. Funny guy. Excellent accent. But he’s got a temper, like every respectable Russian fellow.

Enjoy Mike / Dr. Igor

CATALIN ILIESCU is Prateek, the assistant of Dr. Igor and also a very loud character that you will surely recognize in the end of the play…

There he goes, Catalin / Prateek

CRISTA ANDRIESCU is the narrator of the play. Equilibrium and serenity…

That’s Crista:

The guy who composed and played the music for the play, the talented Daniel Beers aka DJ Beers:


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